Rules for the Garden:

  1. No Weed or Plant killer chemicals/pellets (Roundup, Spectracide, etc…)
  2. No pre-emergents (Preen, Bonide, Syngenta, etc…)
  3. Keep plants and structures out of the walkways. There is a 2 foot wide walk-path between each plot, and marked at beginning of season by flags. The end plots have a 1 foot wide walk-path between fence and plot. If there is an issue, notify the Garden Chair via e-mail ( or call/text him directly (513-240-7666).
  4. The fence is for keeping deer, rabbits, etc… out. Don’t use the fence for plant support.
  5. The shed was a donation, and is to be used for the gardeners. Feel free to leave what you need, but if you leave it in there realize it is community. The garden cart was also donated for community use. Return any borrowed items, back to where you got them. The exception is fertilizer and consumable items, that is to be used only by the gardener that bought them. I suggest putting your name/row items on your items.
  6. Water is provided by the 275/330 gallon totes. Do not connect a hose to direct water your plants, instead use a watering can/bucket. Remember that the whole garden uses the water, so water the plant roots, not the leaves. Here is a video for clarification
  7. The water will have bleach put into it near the beginning of every month. This is to prevent mold/algae, mosquitoes, and any other critters from growing. I will try to do this shortly before it rains and text message the group once it is done.
  8. The payment for the plots is due on March 1. Your rental is good from March 1 to February 28th of the followiing year.
  9. Clean up your plot of summer plants by November 1. This is specifically referring to dead plants. You can leave the gardener’s cloth or cardboard down, but please clean it up. You may plan on returning next year, but it isn’t fair to have the next person (or Garden Chair) to clean up after you if something changes in your plans.
  10. Keep the gate and shed door closed.
  11. Contact Garden Director at for questions.