Attendant Responsibilities

Prior to event:

  1. Double check floors and bathrooms (a spot mop might be needed). If floors are in bad shape let me know, immediately!
  2. Double check paper products in bathroom (keys are under cabinet, next to dumb waiter)
  3. Set temperature to 67 (winter and summer) – the boiler needs to be set appropriately. Make sure you understand the heating/A.C. prior to event
  4. Unlock doors if needed

During the event:

  1. Be around for first 15 minutes or so, check with Renter make sure everything is good, give him/her your cell if you are going to be leaving premise. The thermostat is set to 68.  Goal is to keep hall between 68 and 71.  During larger parties, keep the door open to the parking lot will help keep temperature where it is needed.  If it gets too cold, close.
  2. Help if needed, quick run for ice, etc…
  3. Check garbage periodically.
  4. At end time of event, start subtle cleanup.

After the event:

  1. The bathrooms/kitchen are to be cleaned (toilets cleaned, sinks wiped down, counters cleared)
  2. All tables are to be cleaned – since there are table coverings on all tables used, this is usually a non-issue, but check
  3. Chairs are placed back on table
  4. Sweeping and mopping: Sweep and mop the hall first, then the kitchen, then the bathrooms.  Everyone sweeps the entire hall. Only our discounted/regular weekly and monthly renters are allowed to spot mop.
  5. Vacuum carpet entry way
  6. Thermostat turned down to 63 for heat during the winter, off during summer.
  7. All items removed from refrigerator (except for Sunday Morning Club stuff) – If you want to donate leftover soda/beer to hall, take them downstairs, or take home or throw out, but don’t leave it in refrigerator, or on the counters.
  8. All counters are cleared in the kitchen – dishes put away
  9. All trash is removed
  10. All doors are locked – the door to the ramp is frequently not secured, the last thing you do before leaving is check 5 doors are locked (2 doors in the upstairs hall, the door to parking lot in the stairwell, the door to the Knights level downstairs, and the door to the parking lot downstairs)

Remember if you leave the hall in bad shape, you are hurting the next person that needs it, and I will hear about it.  Also, if I show the hall next, it makes it that much more difficult for me to rent it.

Penalties for rentals by Knights:

$40 – Not swept AND/OR mopped, whole floor (mopped properly, walking around with a mop is not mopping, or getting the floor wet, is not mopping!)

$10 – Kitchen not cleaned

$10 – Bathrooms not cleaned

$10 – Tables not cleaned

Coolers or other upper hall equipment is not to be removed.